245 – blustery days

by littlefoible

I’m actually working on a bigger comic this week too, but I want to wait until it’s all done to post it.

AND! Tomorrow (Feb 1st) is Hourly Comic Day! You should do it! Just draw a little comic for every hour that you are awake, even if you don’t usually draw comics.

Here’s hourly comics I’ve done in past years:

2012: in which our characters are killed off

2011: In which we had no heat

2010: In which we went to Chekhov’s birthday party

2009: In which screenprints were made and star trek was watched

2008: In which I worked at a temp job and we were rehearsing Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

(2007 has missing files)

2006: the first year! living in Vancouver, in 3rd year at Emily Carr. Far away in time and space.