a quiet process

Month: January, 2013




This week: comics!

This comic is the first lines of the poem “Watershed” by Margaret Avison.

Did two different attempts on today’s daily draw. Neither of them are pieces I’m pleased with, but that’s not really what the weekly theme idea is about.

In case it’s not clear, with these weekly themes, I’m basically challenging myself to do something that I feel I need to work at. Often this results in pieces that aren’t necessarily great as a final result, but it’s a learning process. It’s more about doing the exercise.

Sometimes you just have to work through things, and for me a big challenge has always been just not giving up when I’m feeling crappy about the work I’m producing. That’s why this whole 365 days thing has been so useful – I have to keep on pushing through.

Thanks for bearing with me!

Keep on keeping on.


I’ve decided to try that weekly theme thing again! This week is about rooms.