a quiet process

Month: December, 2012



Odd paintings of handsome men.


The Thursday morning view in the morning from Transcend on 109st, Edmonton.


Post-it note doodles. My father-in-law Neil added the ski tracks to the middle one!


Happy holidays, all! Hugs to your loved ones who are near, and psychic hugs to those who are far off! I am feeling pretty dang lucky for everything that I have, right now. Thank you all for being here.


Finally remembered that Pixlr exists! Hurrah!


A Christmas gift for my lovely and talented friend Heather. She is studying at Hobbit School to be a Hobbit! Actually it is sustainable agriculture, which is even better. I’ve developed a kale addiction and I’m hoping she can be my dealer. Though we live on opposite coasts now, we used to be roomies, so I know from close study how excellent she is!