a quiet process

Month: April, 2012

Doll outfits

Her name is Lucy.



Koyama Press

I was so honoured to be asked by Annie Koyama to do my take on her logo.

paper dolls

Here’s a little preview of a paper doll project I’m working on to submit to Argyle Fine Art’s Paper Threads exhibition, where they’re looking for paper dolls based on Titanic-era outfits (since Halifax is Titanic-central these days what with the centennial). If you’re interested in submitting, they just pushed their deadline back to next week (phew!).  This dress is based on a piece from the House of Worth. I haven’t worked purely digitally in a long time, so this is a good challenge for me.

flying by

Watercolour warmup!

And, some sketches for a portrait that’s going to be part of a setpiece for a production of Arsenic and Old Lace that is going up this May.