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Month: March, 2012

three of them

Watercolour doodles of differing types:


green dress

I recently brought a bunch of watercolour paper on sale and it turned out to be pretty awful quality — I figure this means that I have to do lots of little paintings on it to use it up quickly — it’ll be my warmup paper!


I went on a marvellous journey to Newfoundland last week — saw some lovely people, made some new friends, started knitting socks, and explored St. John’s a lot. I also got to visit Landfall, where a little place called Kent Cottage is – a gorgeous little retreat by the sea. It’s mainly used for artist residencies now, and I think it would be amazing to go and live there for a few weeks some summer. The couple that were hosting us are involved in Landfall, so I painted them a little picture to thank them for their hospitality:

Also, next Saturday, March 31, I will be at the Pins and Needles craft fair with my wares. It’s out on Peggy’s Cove Road. Adventures!


More pub drawings! This is the lovely Christine, who is a multi-talented dynamo and also my production manager soulmate. Executive Director of Taboo Theatre and founding member of Lions Den Theatre, she also is a terrific performer and a whiz with a sewing machine!

And here’s a shepherd dude (he was not at the pub):


I helped tech a dance show this weekend (mainly in a dancer-wrangling capacity), and it made me want to try and draw some dancers. I need to go to lifedrawing more!  A lot more. I also need to practice my digital drawings skills. Expect to see more of both!

books and pubs

I’ve decided to start drawing my friends whenever I’m sitting around in a pub with them. Here’s Alison! She is a theatre jack-of-all trades, having acted in and stage managed a number of shows that I’ve been involved in, and most recently, will be stage managing Arsenic and Old Lace, which Lions Den Theatre is putting on this May.

Also, Strange Adventures had an incredible Ladies Night yesterday, hosted by Kate Leth. It was a fantastic time, and I think Halifax is pretty lucky to have such a great comic shop. I bought Friends With Boys from Faith, and Spera from Jordyn, and I kept all my own comics in my bag as I was late and too shy to put them out. Whoo! Nothing is better then seeing a tiny comics shop jam-packed with ladies reading, buying, and talking about comics!

Tonight on the Halifax scene is the opening of the Eyelevel Reshelving Initiative! Though I’m working and will have to miss most of it, the exhibit runs until March 30 (how is it March 1 already I ask you?), so if you’re in town you should definitely check it out. They also have it documented online as well!