hourly comics day 2012

by littlefoible

Hourly comics day was on Wednesday (but really you can do it any day). Basically on Feb 1st every year a whole bunch of people draw a comic for every hour they are awake. You can read more about it here or see a ton of the comics here.

Here are my comics from past years: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Feb 1 has previously been a very busy day for me, but right now Wednesdays are basically my weekends, so it was a lot less busy kind of day….makes for less exciting things happening, perhaps, but I still had fun! You should check out this comic by my friend Yuen-ying, who made her first hourly comic this year! Ooh, and here is a great one by Heather Verdin! Also, Dan Bray and his trademark wit.

Also I have to mention that our DM, Jesse, is super fabulous and I paraphrased him horribly in that last comic. It’s totally our fault; we split the party. Sometimes these things just happen.