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Month: February, 2012

reading days

Another art auction piece. Up for grabs at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax until Feb 26th! Also, next Wednesday is Ladies’ Night at Strange Adventures! I will be there for sure.



Made a little piece for an art auction in support of two shows being put on by Vile Passeist Theatre this week. Both plays have lots of killing in them, hence the skull. You can read more about the shows here!


made to blend in

A seahorse drawn from a National Geographic from the 80s.

dance dance

Dancey watercolours. I should draw some real dancers sometime, it would probably be pretty fun.

An amazing dance video that my sister sent me, of a group (Lalala Human Steps) coming to Halifax this weekend  (sadly it is tech week for me so I can’t go). This is an older piece of theirs:

hourly comics day 2012

Hourly comics day was on Wednesday (but really you can do it any day). Basically on Feb 1st every year a whole bunch of people draw a comic for every hour they are awake. You can read more about it here or see a ton of the comics here.

Here are my comics from past years: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Feb 1 has previously been a very busy day for me, but right now Wednesdays are basically my weekends, so it was a lot less busy kind of day….makes for less exciting things happening, perhaps, but I still had fun! You should check out this comic by my friend Yuen-ying, who made her first hourly comic this year! Ooh, and here is a great one by Heather Verdin! Also, Dan Bray and his trademark wit.

Also I have to mention that our DM, Jesse, is super fabulous and I paraphrased him horribly in that last comic. It’s totally our fault; we split the party. Sometimes these things just happen.