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Month: January, 2012

gris nuage

The other day I found some ink that I bought at some point and had never used. I decided it was time.

I started with a lady based on my memories of a lovely hat that Lauren wore to the opening of the Pre-Shrunk show at Argyle Fine Art on Friday:

Then I drew some ladies based on pictures in a quilting magazine.

And here is a completely unrelated thing:

And a comic, in which I accidentally made the ferry security guy seem a lot creepier than he actually was:


old whiny comics

So last year I had a bad day and made a comic about it, because I felt that it was also basically a ridiculous day and kind of funny in retrospect. Then I thought it was horribly selfish and navel-gaze-y to make a comic about a “bad day” when so many terrible things were happening in the world. I hadn’t heard of the “first world problems” thing then, but that’s what it essentially was.

Anyway, a year later I feel less connected to it and can post it as a silly little comic without feeling horribly guilty for having taken the time to make it! Plus, Hourly Comics Day (Feb 1) is coming up soon, and this is sort of in that style. So it’s a reminder! Draw your day on Feb 1!

And thus, here you go:

friday 13.

Yesterday was a fine day that turned into a raging blizzard, so I drew some ladies.

night house rain house

Rejected house attempts. Watercolours + crayons = love.

hello crayons

I’ve broken out the crayons again, after getting some from Santa last month (by request). Dear Crayola, I love you.

These ones are doodles done during an intense game of Risk:


And then I drew a little William Gibson  from a 1995 National Geographic article about computers and cyberspace.


Sometimes I get into phases where I just draw imaginary, wonky Victorian houses a lot. The second one is a sketchy test, the first one I did up with a little more solidity.