a quiet process

Month: November, 2011

Here’s a few paintings that will be in shows in the near future, if you’re in the Halifax area.

These two are pieces I donated for the Small Wonders fundraiser/show at the Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing. The Craig Gallery is right in the Alderney Landing cultural building (same as the ferry terminal, just off the market area), so if you’ve never been, you should drop in and check it out! The show opens Dec 1st.

And this one here will be in a show tomorrow night at Carbon Arc Cinema in conjunction with a screening of New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art. Huge props to Jono Doiron, who organized it! The show opens at 7, and the screening starts at 8:30. For more info, click here.

Aaaaand a few things from the sketchbook:


painted doodles

November is a month for things slowing down juuuuust a bit, and more art happening in general!

Here’s some painted sketchbook doodles:

Oh, and also this: