Library Voices

by littlefoible

Not often, but sometimes, it seems that I am struck with a Screenprinting Curse. I made this poster for Library Voices at the Halifax Pop Explosion, and the requirement was to have them screenprinted. I don’t know what happened (actually I sort of do), but the top layer just would not work for me. I had to retry on three separate screens before finally giving up due to the deadline. As a result, half of the screenprinted posters don’t even have the band’s name on them. Sigh. But at least I can share with you this digital version! Maybe when I get my camera battery charged I’ll upload a photo of the screenprinted version.

And speaking of the Pop Explosion, have you seen Jordyn’s great poster for Amelia Curran and Symphony Nova Scotia? It is excellent.

If you’re in Halifax, all of the posters that artists have created for the various shows will be on display at the Economy Shoe Shop until the end of the month, and will also be for sale at the HPX itself!