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Month: October, 2011

a few things

And here’s the full poster that I was working on the other day. If you’re in Halifax, you should come out and see the shows!


Grand Guignol

A little in-progress preview of a detail of a poster I’m working on for Taboo Theatre for An Evening of Grand Guignol, which is taking place from Oct 26-30 at the North Street Church here in Halifax. I’ve never worked on something this intense-looking; I have no idea what I’m doing! Crazy eyes.


This is Taboo’s second year doing a series of Grand Guignol plays. It’s a really neat form of theatre from France in the early 1900s — the Theatre du Grand Guignol in Paris was famed for shocking and horrifying audience members, even going so far as to mention that they had doctors on call in case anyone in the audience felt faint or sick from the gruesome spectacle happening on stage.

They employed a “hot and cold shower” format — two grisly horror plays with a bawdy comedy in the middle. Last year I was involved with the shows in Halifax as an actor, and this time around I’m taking my first stab at stage management. It means fun things like hunting down guillotines and coffins — the perfect sort of activities for October, I think!

Library Voices

Not often, but sometimes, it seems that I am struck with a Screenprinting Curse. I made this poster for Library Voices at the Halifax Pop Explosion, and the requirement was to have them screenprinted. I don’t know what happened (actually I sort of do), but the top layer just would not work for me. I had to retry on three separate screens before finally giving up due to the deadline. As a result, half of the screenprinted posters don’t even have the band’s name on them. Sigh. But at least I can share with you this digital version! Maybe when I get my camera battery charged I’ll upload a photo of the screenprinted version.

And speaking of the Pop Explosion, have you seen Jordyn’s great poster for Amelia Curran and Symphony Nova Scotia? It is excellent.

If you’re in Halifax, all of the posters that artists have created for the various shows will be on display at the Economy Shoe Shop until the end of the month, and will also be for sale at the HPX itself!

day 30 – the end

And that’s it! Another 30 days gone. I don’t know why the second halves of the month always end up so much busier then the first, but it was good to draw every day just to keep in the habit, even if it felt pretty forced some days. I think I’m going to go with dedicated weekly drawings from hereon in — a little less pressure, and a little more time to make things I’m actually happy with.