a quiet process

Month: September, 2011

day 29

A sketch for a thing.


day 28

the lazy eye

day 27 – underpants

More Underpants rehearsal sketches. The show previews tomorrow night, and it’s looking great!


day 26


day 25

Illegally digging through garbages in closed buildings, late night casting meetings and early morning set runs. It’s production week for The Underpants!

Here, have a fox sketch.

day 24


day 23

More rehearsal doodles! This is a month of rehearsal and work doodles.

day 22 – soups

It was just a two-soup kind of day.

Spicy broth soup for being ill, squash soup for lunches.

day 21

Ticketstock doodle.

day 20 – gross

A really quick comic about a really gross incident.

The alternate title is “How I Ruined Dorian’s Day”.