Hey guys! Recently I was looking back in my sketchbook to see what kinds of things I had drawn this summer, and I was unsurprised but disappointed nonetheless to see that I really haven’t been drawing too much. Yeah, things have been crazy, but that’s no excuse. Drawing is a way of life.

My first thought? This must change.

Thus, I am going to bookend the summer with another 30 days! This time I’ll post them all here, and my goal will be to post one a day, because otherwise I find that I fall behind and don’t actually end up drawing every day.

This is also inspired by my good friend Heather’s blog A Studious Sailor, where she has been posting some lovely daily drawings through the month of August.

And speaking of amazing drawings, Jordyn Bochon recently hit the internet with a one-two punch of fantastic wherein she announced her webcomic The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe, and then revealed a plan to raise funds for a print version as well! Please, check out her great video and consider supporting this worthy project! For only $25 you get THREE ISSUES of this incredible comic, which is one heck of a deal if you ask me.

And now, a few drawings that I did manage to do while on a family trip in PEI and Cape Breton: