a quiet process

Month: July, 2011

vestiges of patios

One more remnant from the alberta week.


the losing team

Watched a whole football/soccer game for the first time in my life recently, the FIFA women’s final. I also went to a parade and sketched a bunch, but nothing much good came of it. I need to get in the habit of drawing from life more often, I do believe.

Last night a friend and I came across a field of people setting paper lanterns off into the sky (and sometimes crashing them into trees). We saw them from a few blocks away, floating in a silent train upwards and eastwards. It was beautiful, and I hope to paint something to commemorate the experience.


I’m back home in Alberta for a few weeks, and everything is very surreal. It’s hot here after a month of rain, there’s never a time when you’re not being bitten by a mosquito, and we found a tall bush of ripe saskatoons by the elementary school the other day. It’s been good spending lots of time with family, and I’ve slowly started painting again after the past few weeks of madness.

Here’s a picture of some leaves that I found on a recent walk around North Glenora.  

And a painted sketch from a family gathering.


This summer is going to somewhat internet-light for me – time instead being spent with family and friends – but I hope to try and post here when I can.

after 30 days

The Thirty Days Project ended a few days ago, and despite it all I stubbornly did end up posting something every day, even if it wasn’t always something I was happy with. You can view all my entries here. By the end it mostly deteriorated into birds.

I figured I’d post some more of the pieces here. Things have been a bit of a whirlwind as of late, with good elements such as lovely out-of-town visitors and theatrical projects on the brink of performance, to horrible things like illness in the family and living across the country from said family.

At the same time, I think that despite everything it has been good to post every day, and I think I’d like to try for at least a weekly thing for the foreseeable future.

In other news, recently my friend Jordyn Bochon started a blog, so you’d better get over there and add it to your blogroll, as she’s sure to be posting some incredible things!

Also, local filmmaker Ashley McKenzie’s gorgeous short film Rhonda’s Party is a contender for the CBC Short Film Face Off, so you should head on over there and vote for her.

Until next time, have a lovely week.