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Month: April, 2011

Halifax Crafter’s Spring Flight

Lots of excitement up ahead, with the Halifax Crafters Spring Flight this weekend and the Toronto Comic Arts Festival the next!

The Halifax Crafters, who I have exhibited with since 2007, very kindly asked me to design the poster for their show this time around! Kudos for the event title goes to Dorian Lang. Joanna Close (excellent fiber artist and painter), Laura Mae (who makes wonderful soaps) and I screenprinted up a big batch of the posters a little while ago, and I will be selling them at my table to raise money for the Halifax Crafter’s Society!

And….a few new paintings that I made for the event:

See you at the fair!


National Geographic – March 1987

One of my many part-time jobs is at an art gallery, where I count the number of people who come in on the weekends and tell them about the art. It can be pretty slow at times, so I always bring some things to work on. In the back room, there’s a stack of four old National Geographics, which I have gleaned sketching material from in the past. This weekend I decided to make one big doodle drawing for each issue. Here’s March, 1987 – with featured stories on North Dakota, Brazil, and the Australian South Seas.

Illustration Friday: Journey

Found some old National Geographics sitting around at work, and so I painted a quick, weird Illustration Friday based on one of the cover photos.

In other news, my scanner has finally actually kicked the bucket, or at least insisted on putting large pink lines through everything I scan.

Portrait: Crofton Uniake House

Julia Morgan


Pritilata Waddedar

Freya Stark

European traveler and writer.

a comic and a sketch

For a Monday morning. Why not? When I woke up there was sun but now it’s raining.

And a nerdy character sketch, because I don’t post sketchbook stuff as often as I should:

Gloria Hollister Anable

Continuing with my love of people who have worked with bathyspheres…..


Gladys Bentley