a quiet process

Month: July, 2010

wild blue yonder

Though not quite as productive as I hoped it would be, the second half of my month definitely saw more work get done than the first half.

Sitting in the cabin that my first cousin once removed built, late morning in Goose River, PEI, I finally started to paint some things. August 1 I am back in the studio and the journey shall continue!


open road

Trying to work while travelling is a very tricky thing — much like trying to catch that little bit of eggshell that somehow breaks off into your egg white. A bizarre metaphor that doesn’t quite work, but that is what it reminds me of. I have finished Phase One of my July travels and am moving into Phase Two. Phase One elicited almost a complete 0% productivity; I am hoping that Phase Two will not be the same. I have my watercolours, I have boxes full of frames to paint, I just need to make decisions and make time.  Filmmaking is lovely but sometimes life just gets in the way. I feel very lucky that it does, really, for good and for bad.