by littlefoible

I only have one week more at the studio before I head out for a month on the go, and I’ve been trying to get as much done as I can before then. My intention is to have a big pile of frames to watercolour as well as a lots of backgrounds to work on; thus far I’m pretty pleased with how it’s been going.

The studio is sunny in the afternoons and so warm and humid that I keep falling asleep at my desk. However, I’ve come to realize how invaluable having a separate studio is in terms of getting any work done, so I hope to return in August indefinitely. The trickiest thing about my setup is the line testing — I don’t have a computer at the studio, so generally I go in sometime in the morning and work for 4-8 hours just animating. When I leave I bring my frames home and test them, making notes about what to change the next day.

My linetesting setup is thus: I have an old webcam taped to the front of my desk facing down, and I have my spare pegbar taped to a hard placemat sitting on top of a tupperware container. SUPER FANCY. I’m using a free program called Take 5 — sadly the program combined with the poor quality of my webcam means that often it’s hard to make out the pencil tests, so this might lead to problems later on, but I try to test as much as I can before and after I do cleanup. I definitely miss having the ability to line-test more naturally as I go, but I’ve been making heavy use of flipping and trying to correct problems in that stage as much as I can.

I’m still trying to work out colour schemes and what things will look like in that regard, so I’ve been fiddling around and making little doodles and tests every night. My next step I think is to really break out the crayons in full force.